Kyty emulator PC (Download Windows) PS5 Play Station 5

Kyty emulator for PC Windows

Kyty emulator for PC Windows
ProjectKyty emulator
LicenseOpen source

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Kyty is an open-source multi-platform experimental PS5 Emulator project written in C++ for PC compatible with Windows.

The first and the only Play Station 5 emulator which allows you to play PS5 games on computer desktop.

It can runs most of the PS5 exclusive titles on high-end systems with some bugs/glitches as it is still in beta.

Kyty emulator for PC Windows


Kyty emulator is capable of many great things, thanks to our developers and supporters who are contributing to this project; it’s a community-driven project, anyone can contribute.

Kyty emulator project is in its early stage and is licensed under the MIT license.

Better graphics for PS5 is under development.

It is possible to run some commercial games for PS5 and PS4; there maybe graphics glitches, crashes, freezes and low FPS.

There are features that are not implemented for now, such audio input/output, MP4 video, Network, Multi-user.

Kyty emulator performance is primarily determined by graphics memory and shader clock speed.

This application lets users tune in-game resolution, add post-processing effects, and extend visual enhancement features.

Graphics settings can be tuned on the fly without reloading the game, like in some emulators.

Graphics enhancement, mods, and custom shaders are also supported.

The visual quality of the PS5 games just keeps getting better with each major release.

There will be frequent releases which you can get from the downloads section.

Kyty emulator for PC Windows

System requirements

The following table lists the minimum system requirements for running this application:

OSWindows 7 (or newer)
CPUOcta core 2.0 GHz (or higher)
RAM8 GB (12 GB recommended)
GPUGTX 1080 (or higher)
Storage128 MB (or more)

The performance may vary depending on hardware configuration, so you must comply with the recommended requirements to run the app with the best experience on your device.

Last update

This app is from a third-party developer, so an automatic update won’t be available.

You will need to manually update the app by removing the old version and installing the new version.

This version implements the following features:

  • GTX support update
  • Initial support for Windows 10
  • The Shader cache has been reworked
  • Compilation of async-shaders is now multi-threaded
  • Bug fixes of a smaller scale
  • Improved accuracy of streamout cache
  • Support for PS5 and X-Box series controllers
  • Added support for DSU client as input API (Kyty motion provider protocol)
  • HAV-Virtualization performance improvements

All the updates have the latest fixes and optimizations, but their constantly changing nature means that little testing has been done on them and unknown bugs may appear.

Kyty emulator for PC Windows


The latest version of this app is available on the link button below.

Size20.4 MB


  1. Download the .zip archive
  2. Extract the .zip archive on a folder
  3. Select the folder containing the extracted file
  4. Open the file .exe as administrator
  5. Press install button
  6. Launch the software
  7. Read the other instructions on the .txt file


This guide/tutorial answers the following questions:

  • How to install Kyty emulator on Windows?
  • How to play PS5 games on Windows?
  • Can I run PS5 emulator on Windows?
  • How to download Kyty emulator PC?
  • Is Kyty emulator safe?
  • Is there a PS5 emulator for PC?
  • Is Kyty emulator legal?

Other versions

This application may be compatible with the following operating system:

Mac OSDownload
LinuxNot aviable